Hong Kong airlines flight attendants learning Wing Chun Kungfu

Hong Kong airlines flight attendants for all training courses, learning Wing Chun, in response to flight encountered drunken and "rules " of the passengers. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a close fight, in a small space plane that can be used, the company provides all the flight attendants are required to learn. According to the company's vice president of corporate communications introduced, they met three times weekly appointments disrupt passenger during in-flight service. Flight attendants have received training in Wing Chun, and said they do not know what will happen in the aircraft flight. By learning Wing Chun, they can protect themselve, and enhance the sense of security.

Original source: Wall street journel


Anonymous said...

Girls playing Kung Fu ~~ seems very interesting !

Anonymous said...

No need to worry about the terrier attack in flight !!!

sachin bani said...

its very nice that girls learning Kung Fu.
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sachin bani said...

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Usama Azeem said...

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