Wizz Ambassadors on Facebook - 51 Girls

Wizz Air is looking for the most elegant and professional flight attendants to become the company's image in 2011. From Wizz Air passengers and all can join the jury to choose the winners. 

Shortlist of candidates has been created by fashion experts and airline industry and is now among Internet users to choose the 14 flight attendants will be the company's image for the current year, two persons for each country with Wizz Air bases: Poland , Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Serbia.
Since Romania joined the competition were 15 people.Winners will receive a professional photo shoot and publicity materials will be present throughout Europe Wizz Air. 
Visitors on Facebook.com page / wizzaircom can view photos and can express their views using the option "VOTE."Participants who accumulate the most votes will be designated winners. The application allows the option "Search" Make it so that visitors can candidates by gender, country or tables.
Each user can provide a day 7 votes - one for each country.The campaign has already begun and will end in late April.


tim11 said...

stewardesele de pe aeronavele wizz air ar trebui sa -si expuna cate o poza,pentru a fi cat mai cunoscute

madsupervisor said...

Great Company . ya predstavitel dlya Wizz Air v Antalii.. eto pervyi god s nimi no mne nravitsya ;) thx friends

Anonymous said...

Why do not here Dyksy Carolina photos.
Lovely girl please contact me timreus80@yahoo.com
Anyone who knows her, please send a phone number or an email address.

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