Air New Zealand TVC - Nothing to hide

Air New Zealand (Air New Zealand) started to "totally open and should not be disguised inflation"(nothing to hide) the signs, evenmen and women recruited their own captain and flight attendants,body painting body painting uniforms only to such naked into battle advertising, now at YouTube, this video has been explosive red.

Beautiful flight attendant in addition to a sweet smile, the pro and friendly, but has now also the expense of hue, advertising film naked into battle. Competitive global airline, Air New Zealandstyle all their own, alternative creative play, the name of full disclosure and should not be disguised inflation slogan, and gottheir own men and women flight attendants, pilot, baggage handling employees, even senior Head, body painting body painting in addition to uniforms, shoes and a pair of feet to shoot advertisements so naked into battle.

Although all three are not really exposed, but the list of male and female body curves is no doubt that really is difficult not to attract attention. This ad film for a light, just less than 2 months, it attracted more than 200 million Hits. This alternative seems really eye-catching


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