Wizz Air Budapest five million passengers

Reached the five million passengers at Ferihegy, Wizz Air, Central and Eastern Europe's biggest discount airline. The airline's five millionth passenger in Eindhoven Budapest-Budapest flight ticket.
Unusual reception was part of the Tatar Gregory, Wizz Air passengers in Eindhoven, who landed at Ferihegy 10:25 pm: The airline's pretty utaskísérői champagne and gifts were expected. The lucky young geographer, and he loves to fly - although a coincidence - aviation point in the spring will begin their studies in the Netherlands.  In the next 12 months, Wizz Air to 12 destination to visit in Budapest starting points.

 "Since the start of the 2004 year-on-year increase in the number of passengers Wizz Air in 2010, generated almost 1.2 million passengers in Budapest. The group as a whole, this year more than 11 million passengers in transportation planning "- Sewing Balazs said, the airline's head of communications.
"Wizz Air Terminal in recent years has become one of the dominant airline in.Budapest Airport welcomes the steady development of Wizz Air in connection with a fantastic result for us that the airline has crossed the 5 million threshold "- said Patrick Bohlen, Budapest Airport's aviation strategy and development manager.

The airline in recent years, Budapest Airport has become one of the most dominant partner in 2010, has managed to achieve the one million volume of passengers at Budapest Airport. The airport operator is confident that the record fails to set even earlier this year. This is a good chance of Budapest Airport in January traffic figures do show a clear increase compared with a year earlier. The most significant growth in the market for low-cost airline, Wizz Air where the traditional leader in Budapest, Hungary.


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