Lufthansa flight attendants costume in Oktoberfest

Lufthansa was ready for the fifth season Bavarian in 2009: The legendary Munich costume crew was the first time to the public. In 2009 was the Oktoberfest Dirndl, which was designed by the fashion house LODEN FREY-creates the Munich Cathedral. See it on flights to Los Angeles, Boston and Dubai.

Here, the flight attendants in the Lufthansa colors present blue / yellow. Bodice and skirt are royal blue, yellow apron is provided with small white flowers vines. The men wear the traditional suits with color-matched to the Dirndln tie. The twelve women and two men of Munich costume crew will start on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, first to Los Angeles. On 26 September, it goes to Boston, 2nd October in Dubai. More than 50 years Lufthansa employees exchanged their uniforms for the first time costume. In 1957, the airline "Lufthansa stewardesses in real Dirndln be the time of the Munich Oktoberfest between 17th September and 2 October, passengers from New York to Hamburg and the passengers from London to Munich on 21 September to 5 October assist them ". On these routes, blonde female flight attendants wore a light blue dirndl, dark-haired man in a pink dress.


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