JAL fashion show of classic uniform

Japan Airlines (JAL) hosted a fashion show on 13 Sept 2010 featuring classic flight attendant uniforms at Haneda Airport.

Current JAL flight attendants wearing a total of 14 types of uniforms -- eight from JAL, and five from Japan Air System (JAS) before its 2002 merger with JAL, and the current JAL uniform-- walked down a catwalk set up at Haneda Airport's Terminal 1.

"I felt fresh," said Masayo Tomita, 23, who wore the first JAS uniform at the show. "I've seen the uniforms in magazines, but this is my first time to actually see them or wear one of them. The designs show the signs of the times. Our current uniform is better for working, but I would like to try them all on if I have the chance."

Original source: The Mainichi Daily News


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