Awan Dania Season 2

Awan Dania 2 mainly focus on the life of a girl named "Dania" (casted by a talented actor Scha Al Yahya) who managed to achieve her dream to become a stewardess on a flight before.
However, due to his friendship with respect, Dania decided to stop the airline's old and unemployed for a while.

Even so, Dania dream to fly in the clouds never faded, and finally the opportunity came when the other airlines to offer employment as a stewardess.
Dania went to interview and meet with one of the senior managers in situ, Eagles. Dania has returned the first memories of when he worked with a more crude and age was employed there.
New episodes in the life of Dania began immediately begin assignments in the new place, surrounded by new friends and challenges to be encountered, including Benjy (casted by Jehan Miskin) Dania love the bill.


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