Pan Am TV Cast: Christina Ricci

Maggie Ryan: "I am not included in the price of your ticket."

Christina Ricci as Maggie Ryan, purser and chief stewardess.

Maggie has struggled all her life to better her standing in the world. Ambition runs through her veins and now that she’s reached Pan Am, she has no intention of looking back. Maggie is attracted to the glitz and glam of this whole new world: exotic places, fascinating people, adventure and opportunity. As for her scrappy side, some would say she’s an instigator, that she relishes defying authority—all true; she wants to see what the world looks like standing on its head. The ultimate survivor, Maggie Ryan makes her own luck, climbs out of every hole (even those she’s dug for herself) and never ever pulls a punch. (Original:

Name: Christina Ricci
Birth: Feb 12, 1980
Place: Santa Monica, California
Country: United States
Height: 1.55M
Measurements: 36-26-33 inch
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Light brown
Occupation: Actress


Anonymous said...

Such a cute face! Too bad she's so short-legged.

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