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StarFlyer Inc. (株式会社スターフライヤー Kabushiki-gaisha Sutāfuraiyā?) is a Japanese airline headquartered on the grounds of Kitakyushu Airport in Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyūshū, Fukuoka Prefecture. It is modeled after JetBlue Airways as a "low-cost, high-quality" carrier aimed at business and leisure travelers. The airline began operations on March 16, 2006 and is one of very few in Japan to fly Airbus A320 aircraft. In June 2007 a codeshare agreement for the Haneda–Kitakyushu route began with All Nippon Airways which significantly boosted passenger numbers

StarFlyer was founded as Kobe Airlines (神戸航空 Kōbe Kōkū?) on December 17, 2002 with the intention of being based at the new Kobe Airport. The company changed its name to StarFlyer in May 2003, and moved to Kitakyushu at the end of 2003.

StarFlyer was supported by local companies to provide a regular service initially from the Kitakyushu Airport to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda, HND) 12 times daily, including late evening and early morning flights to allow day returns for business trips and sightseeing. Once the Kitakyushu-Tokyo route is well established the airline plans to open routes to Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul from Kitakyushu.
On August 17, 2005, StarFlyer announced a business agreement with All Nippon Airways, providing ANA support services for most StarFlyer aircraft and crews.

A booking center opened in Kokura on January 16, 2006. Seats for the first available flights sold out in five minutes confirming the popularity of the new venture especially among business travellers. Kitakyushu City is also requiring its employees to use the airline for all business trips to and from Tokyo.
From June 1, 2007 it began codesharing of its ten daily return flights of Kitakyushu-Tokyo with ANA. The NHK Kitakyushu local news reported on July 10, 2007 that seat bookings had increased to about 70% capacity from 59% after the codesharing began. On November 1, 2008 it also started codesharing on the Kansai-Haneda route.

In April 2008 the company announced that it would begin charter flights to Seoul in July. The airline said it would evaluate the flights to consider whether to start regular service between the two cities (in the meantime, its call center handles reservations for Jeju Air on this route). In addition, it has also prepared to start charter service to Hong Kong.

Japanese description below:
株式会社スターフライヤー(英語名:Star Flyer Inc. 中国名:星悅航空)は、福岡県北九州市小倉南区の北九州空港に本拠を置く航空会社である。空港の移転に合わせて2006年3月16日に就航を開始した。

北九州空港の移転と同時に東京国際空港(羽田空港)との間の路線運航を開始した。さらに、2007年9月14日から東京/羽田 - 大阪/関西線、2011年7月1日から東京/羽田 - 福岡線の運航を開始した。

1990年代の規制緩和後に発足した日本の新規航空会社としては初めてエアバス社製旅客機を導入した。社長以下経営陣は旧・日本エアシステム (JAS) の元社員を中心とした日本航空 (JAL) や全日本空輸 (ANA) の出身者で成り立っている。

ANAでは北九州空港発着の路線はなく、同じエアバスA320を運航していることから、就航にあたり双方の強化を図るため業務提携しており、2007年6月1日からは東京/羽田 - 北九州線、2008年11月1日からは東京/羽田 - 大阪/関西線でのコードシェアを開始した。2007年12月21日に行った第15次第三者割当増資ではANAも増資を引き受けており、資本関係に発展している。



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