Aeroflot Beauty: Ekaterina Solovyeva

Red Hot Russia, May, 2012 - Ekaterina Solovyeva, flight attendant fired by Aeroflot for insensitive tweet.

“Aeroflot” – Russia’s largest airline company – fired its flight attendant Ekaterina Solovyeva for the insensitive tweet in which she expressed joy about the crash of the plane Sukhoi Superjet-100 in Indonesia.

Though she hurried to remove the tweet, one blogger made its snapshot and sent it to the company’s management. Here is translation of the post in which the whistle was blown for the first time.

Tragedy in the sky of Indonesia is not complete yet. The black boxes haven’t been found, the wrecks haven’t been collected and the biomass (sorry for the harsh cynicism) hasn’t been packed into bags… I have no doubts that the experts and history will put everything in its place.

But I want to talk about the different topic right now.

The very next morning after the tragedy in the mountains of Southeast Asia one bitch came up with too much of sense of humor: the girl who seems to have brains and even quite attractive… but still bitch.

Excuse me, but I can’t talk otherwise about the person who wrote this in Twitter:

 "Has the superjet crashed?! HAHAHA! Shitplane! Pity that not in Aeroflot, it would be one less then, and maybe they would be even sold to someone else!"

And the very cynicism of this shameless girl is in the fact that she herself is the stewardess of our national airline company…

Flight attendant Ekaterina Solovyeva
It’s her – sweet and sexy creature who carefully examines the vertical backs of our chairs, helps to fasten the seat belt and shows where the emergency exits are…
And also wishes us safe flight…

But after this tweet she was a flight attendant only for one day more. After I sent the content of her record to her employer – the answer came promptly:

Termination of employment contract with an employee - Solovyeva, Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna upon the agreement of both sides 
Basis: request of Soloveyva E.V., management's approval, agreement on terms of employment contract termination 

I applaud “Aeroflot”!
I got used that in recent years they feed me well and carry out my whims.
I am truly pleased with adjustable seats that work and departures on schedule.
I admire the beautiful uniform of the patriotic crew with embroidered golden hammer and sickle with wings.
I clearly understand that the comparison of service on the board with foreign carriers – is more and more often in Russia’s favor.
And now I also was convinced that their attitude to this stupid filth is exactly as any normal human being should have.
Bravo, Aeroflot!


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