Beauty-gorgeous stewardess training in Garuda Indonesia

[Agansis.Com 20 Mar 2013] Being a stewardess who worked on airplanes is actually a tough job. Many people may think that the job of a flight attendant is just serve food and beverages to passenger.

However, the real responsibility that they bear very heavy. Behind the appearance of beautiful, elegant and graceful flight attendants are strong and courageous figure. Why? Because they assume responsibility for the safety of passengers. When a plane crash (fall / pndaratan emergency) they should not run away from the plane, but they have to evacuate passengers, regardless of the aircraft when it will explode. Passengers are number one.

And if they serve food and beverages to the passengers on the plane, it's just an additional service they provided for the convenience of passengers during the flight.
Many people may wonder what and how's their training? Let's look at the school activities of Garuda Indonesia's flight attendants in Duri Kosambi, Tangerang, Banten.

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