Stewardess Vintage: Braniff International Airways

Braniff International Airways was an American airline that operated from 1928 until 1982, primarily in the midwestern and southwestern U.S., South America, Panama, and in its later years also Asia and Europe. The airline ceased operations on May 12, 1982, due to factors including escalating fuel prices, aggressive and unsustainable expansion, and fierce competition following changes that resulted from the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978.

Collection of Braniff Flight Attendant Uniforms Designed by Pucci

 08 Oct 1965, Newark, New Jersey, USA — 10/8/1965-Newark, New Jersey- New “space age” uniforms for its stewardesses including exotic smocks, space helmets and boots, were unveiled by Braniff International Airlines as it announced its stepped-up service from Newark Airport. Stewardesses Linda Krumme and Sue McNeil are shown in the new uniforms — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS (RDuJour)

 Braniff Coffee Service on DC-3 (Braniff Pages)

 "Sleeper Service" on a Braniff DC-6 (Braniff Pages)

In 1964 when insurance mogul Troy Post bought ailing Braniff Airlines he gave the company a major make over. His “The End of the Plain Plane” campaign included hiring architect Alexander Girard for the design of the planes and Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci to design the staff uniforms. Post also employed a fleet of “jelly bean” colored jets. Continue reading for more pictures of the retro air glam and videos of advertisements starring Andy Warhol. (RDuJour)

Braniff International Airways (left), Pacific Southwest Airlines (right)

Braniff International Airways TVC - The Air Strip

Original source: Braniff Pages, RDuJour


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